Rush Purdue's AEPI


You are invited to attend our rush events! Need a ride? Text us and we will pick you up. Come for one event or come to them all! We want to meet you!


BGR Shabbat

8/19 Purdue Hillel at 7pm

Come and meet other jewish freshman! Meet Phil and some guys and get some kickass food.

Meet The Greeks

Meet the Greeks

8/21 Purdue Memorial Mall at 2pm

Come and check out our booth and ask us any questions you may have in person.

Hillel BBQ

Hillel Back to School BBQ

8/21 Purdue Hillel at 5pm

Join some jews and chill in the sun with burgers and games

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

8/23 AEPI House at 6pm

You know the classic mobile game? Yeah. Lets smash some Motherf***ing fruit.

Super Smas Bros


8/25 AEPI House at 6pm

Come play some Dodgeball with the brothers. Rides will leave from the house to the CoRec. Please be on time.


Driving Range

8/30 AEPI House at 5pm-7pm

What sport is more "frat" than golf? Come practice your swing for an hour or two!

Steaks and Stogies

Steaks and Stogies

9/1 AEPI House at 6pm

Come relax and eat some steak with the brothers of AEPI. Relax with a cigar and just enjoy life a little.


Beach Party

9/6 Meet at AEPI House at 6pm

Come join the brothers for a beach party at the house.

Bid Dinner

Bid Dinner

9/8 Meet at AEPi House at 5pm


Are you not convinced yet?

Who We Really Are

Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded to provide opportunities for the Jewish college man seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience. We have maintained the integrity of our purpose by strengthening our ties to the Jewish community and serving as a link between high school and career.

Our heritage stems from one source: young Jewish men banding together in allegiance. The role of Alpha Epsilon Pi has expanded since its inception in 1913. Initially, the Jewish fraternity served as a brotherhood of young men who came from similar religious backgrounds and who had experienced the same prejudices against their religious beliefs. Alpha Epsilon Pi soon broadened its role to include serving as the living quarters for some of its members. The fraternity became a home away from home, providing the same stabilizing and guiding values that students previously gained from their families. Armed with these values, Alpha Epsilon Pi faced changing conditions on the college campus and survived. Today, Jewish students search out Alpha Epsilon Pi because it is a Jewish Fraternity. In the fraternity’s 100-year history, over 93,000 men have worn the badge of Alpha Epsilon Pi and each year, over 2,500 undergraduates perform the Ritual of Initiation, which remains the same ritual adopted decades ago.

Core Beliefs

  • Education

  • Brotherhood

  • Socializing

  • Fun

Bottom Line

Are you interested in joining a coalition of boys turned men that has carried on traditions for over 100 years? Create bonds that will last a lifetime and join the ranks of great men like Brother Mark Zuckerberg, Brother Gene Wilder, Brother Paul Simon and Brother Art Garfunkel? Then come to our rush events!

Contact Us

We want to hear from you! Email/Text/Call us and let us know that you are interested! This is the first step to brotherhood.

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