Welcome to the New Alumni Newsletter!

Hi! My name is Brett Swerdlow, and I am the current Master here at Alpha Epsilon Pi at Purdue. The Pi Upsilon chapter is currently the only truly Jewish greek organization on campus, and we’re very proud of that. We have a strong history of being on campus, with both great and not-so-great moments. Throughout our history here at Purdue, we have gone through a lot. Unfortunately, this included losing touch with many of our alumni. That’s the purpose of our new website. We hope to re-engage with our alumni, and get them involved with AEPi once again.

We have a few exciting, new things on the horizon. First, this new website! We have finally created a robust new website with plenty of new features for brothers, interested college students, alumni, and just about anybody who is curious about AEPi! (A big shoutout to Ben Weis, our current Alumni Chair, for creating the website and making it so awesome.) I’d like to focus on what we have in store for Alumni, because they are so important to us and we really want to reconnect with alumni in a meaningful way. The first step in accomplishing that is our new alumni newsletter. We will be starting a monthly newsletter to be emailed out to all of the alumni that we can. (And hopefully that number will continue to increase!) This newsletter will contain stories on both alumni and current events about the chapter. It’s our way of getting the news out there and restoring connections not only with ourselves and alumni, but between alumni as well. We will be reaching out to alumni to collect and record stories from the past, and we will be featuring different brothers every month. If you’re an alumnus of Alpha Epsilon Pi at Purdue, please look forward to these newsletters! And we are always looking for more brothers to talk to and hear from, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any interesting or fun stories!

Another thing we will begin doing is what you are looking at, these blog posts! These will contain any sort of updates on what we are doing, and any updates alumni have going on. It will be similar to our newsletters, but will not be restricted to a monthly email. These will be written by brothers in all walks of life, hopefully to create a more connected web for brothers to stay connected and in the know of what’s happening in their lives.

Finally, our dream is to begin having alumni events once again. We are in the process of planning an alumni weekend in the upcoming fall semester, which we hope to be a lot of fun! We hope to see a lot of alumni and hear some more stories of AEPi! As we continue to grow and reconnect with our alumni network, we hope to see more successful alumni weekends and events in the coming years.

I hope that all of this is as exciting for our alumni as it is for me. Our chapter has gone too long without a strong alumni network, and we all are working hard to change that.

Brett Swerdlow 14' - Master 2016-2017

Brett Swerdlow 14' - Master 2016-2017